Our B2B Service

Over the years we have been in commercial business we noticed more and more trade customers using our service. Because of the rise in trade custom, we decided to launch a dedicated website to serve these customers better.

Most of our B2B customers are repeat customers so have a set discount to be used on all orders no matter how small. For the less frequent customers, we offer a discount matrix based on the size of the order. The discounts are listed on the repair pages.

If you require a tailored quotation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service department and we would be more than happy to discuss your needs.

We will strive to tailor the perfect service to help your buiness. 

Repairs for Education

At present, our busiest repair sector is with Education Management services across the UK. Many schools and colleges across the country now use iPads and tablets as an important tool for learning both in and out of the classroom. 

We have been trusted by dozens of Independent and Academy schools as well as external school IT management companies to offer a swift, reliable repair service. We collect, repair and deliver the devices, normally within 5 working days to ensure the students are not without their device for long.

Many of the businesses we work with were previously tied to out of warranty schemes or tech maintenance contracts and as a result due to common “accidental damage” repairs, incurred large out of warranty fees or increased insurance premiums.

Our repairs are a fraction of this cost and are generally 75% cheaper than using the manufacturers trade in or extended warranty schemes. We do not require a contract or any monthly fees to use our services, offering you reassurance that we’re here when you need us without the burden of additional costs.

Repairs for Business 

We have a broad range of businesses that benefit from our repair services. This ranges from the NHS, to professional services firms, flight schools and more. One of the main benefits of using B2B repairs by Gamer Tech is our flexibility to adapt to the needs of your business. Whether you have an inventory of over 500 iPads or 5 we can tailor our pricing to ensure you receive quality repairs at competitive prices that suit you.

Our repair prices are so good that we beat insurances, manufacturers prices and there is still enough room for third party companies to make money on top of our repairs. 

IT Service? - Expand your offerings

Our parent company Gamer Tech started in 2010 repairing games consoles and mobile phones. Over the years we have developed and adapted our repair centre to contain the most up to date technology and trained our staff to a high standard to ensure we keep up to date with the latest gadgets and devices.

If we are able to source the parts needed for repair from one of our trusted suppliers, we are happy to take on the challenge of any repair on any device.

Our first 2 customers back from 2010 are still using us to this very day, and you can join them.

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