Our B2B Service

Over the years we have been in commercial business we noticed more and more trade customers using our service. Because of the rise in trade custom, we decided to launch a dedicated website to serve these customers better.

Most of our B2B customers are repeat customers so have a set discount to be used on all orders no matter how small. For the less frequent customers, we offer a discount matrix based on the size of the order. The discounts are listed on the repair pages.

If you require a tailored quotation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service department and we would be more than happy to discuss your needs.

We will strive to tailor the perfect service to help your buiness. 

Repairs for Education

Repairs for education

Currently, our busiest repair sector is for Academy schools across the UK. Many schools across the country now use iPads and other tablets in lessons, plan homework and complete coursework. 

We have been trusted by dozens of Academies to offer a swift service when the worst happens, and an iPad breaks. We collect repair and deliver the devices, normally within 3 working days so the students are not without their device for long.

Many of the schools we work with were being charged large insurance premiums which is a very expensive way of covering an iPad. Some were using Apples trade in scheme which is also a very expensive way of servicing a broken iPad. Both services are also not very convenient as you don't get the same iPad back. This means you could lose data and have to set up your replacement iPad from scratch.  Our repairs are a fraction of this cost, and are generally 75% cheaper than using the manufacturers trade in schemes. You also receive the same iPad back, with everything set up the way it was before it was broken.

Repairs for Business 

Repairs for business
We have businesses ranging from field market researchers, to flight schools using our repair services for tablets. We also get phones sent in bulk by internet retailers who like us to refurbish the phones to a saleable standard. 

There are some trade in shop franchisees who use us for a whole range of refurbishment and repairs. 

Our repair prices are so good that we beat insurances, manufacturers prices and there is still enough room for customers to make money off the top of our repairs. 

IT Service? - Expand your offerings

Add on to your business

This is how we started out in business. We started in 2010 by approaching local PC/laptop repair shops and IT consultants, many of which didn't repair the sort of devices we do. We walked in to shops and called businesses to see why they didn't offer repairs of other devices and found that they either didn't have the know how, or were too busy doing what they specialised in. 

A couple of the repair shops in particular said they were getting plenty of enquiries for tablets and game consoles for example, but just turned the custom away. We showed our price list, and compared them to recommended prices and they were customers there and then. Making money for just taking in a device and sending them to us for repair is a simple concept that is good for all parties. 

Our first 2 customers back from 2010 are still using us to this very day, and you can join them.

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